Saturday, May 07, 2011

The beginning

Well, we began our bike trip yesterday after a long and annoying airport experience, and after only 1 day and 40 miles, i already love it :) here are a few pics.
 putting the bikes together on the hotel lawn :) the lawnmowers were flabbergasted at our trip plans.
 the first group shot! keith, michaela, mary and brad
 Keith and Micheala gave me pinwheels for my birthday! AWESOME~
 looking cool
 my sweet ride
 b-rads setup is a little more hardcore than mine :)
our biker buddies!



Love it. Hi to Keith, Have a great ride, enjoy those Canadians!!
Happy Birthday Mary, MOM

Heidi Michelle said...

You guys are so CRAZY AWESOME! And yes, you do look super cool in that one pic! Be safe!!!

Becky said...

you guys are so cute! It looks fun!

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