Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Homeless and FUNemployed....

Well, b-rad and i just finished our last week of work with Aspiro for a while. We are headed out on our bike trip this thursday and will move to Alaska once we finally get there! We had a good winter, full of challenges and adventure, and our last week was no different! We will miss it around here... enjoy a few fotos from the week :)

swimming with tommy and michelle and the girls
making lists- we are doing that alot lately
making mud masks at work, right before we jumped in the lake! POLAR PLUNGE!


Jenny ∧ Garry said...

Good luck on the big bike trek!


Well, Obama, (the terrorist wife, child murderer)has been trying to get us all to become FUNemployed, and just live off the gov't programs, exept you guys are doing it backwards, paying for it your selves! what a novel idea. loved the pics of the neices, face mud masks, nice to see you posting again. love you, good luck on the big Canadian adventure!